Board of

Chairlady, Executive Director

Ms. Teo Li Lian

Co-Chairlady, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Teo Li Lian("Ms. L. Teo") has been with our Group since August 2005. She was appointed as a director on 7 December 2017 and re-designated as the chairlady, executive director and the chief executive officer of our Company on 29 June 2018. Ms. L. Teo is responsible for overall strategic planning, sales and marketing, management and operation of our Group.

Ms. L. Teo is an entrepreneur with close to 17 years of start-up and operational experience in the online marketing service industry and has been instrumental in leading the growth of our Group over the years. She has cultivated our Group’s core value and culture. Her industry knowledge, in-depth understanding of the market and the needs of our clients and her hands-on approach in management and staff training have been invaluable in the establishment of our sales and customer relations teams and the expansion of our Group’s client base locally and regionally.

Ms. L. Teo obtained a Diploma in Risk & Insurance Management from Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore in May 1998.

Executive Director

Mr. Mu Lei

Co-Chairman and Executive Director

Mr. Mu lei was born in 1979, with a undergraduate degree. In 2019, he joined Show times (Chongqing) technology co., ltd. as CEO, which is Responsible for the overall operation of the company, and ensure the realization of business goals. According to the strategic concept, set the company’ goals, and promote new projects until final implementation. At the same time, improve and construct the profit of enterprise financial model system and the work about legal and risk control.

Mr. Mu lei has 17 years work experiences, which includes more than 2 years experience about the management of supply chain finance, over 6 years experience of OTA’s marketing management, and at least 7 years experience about management of O2O platform operation. He also has led a team which has more than 500 people, and overall management of business operations, which includes more than 300 regions. Mr. Mu Lei has experienced many different industries, such as tourism, living service,health care and supply chain finance. In the ear of mobile internet ,he has a rich experience and a unique opinion.

Executive Director

Mr. Teo Kuo Liang

Executive Director

Mr. Teo Kuo Liang("Mr. V. Teo") has been with our Group since August 2005. He was appointed as a director on 7 December 2017 and re-designated as an executive director on 29 June 2018. Mr. V. Teo is responsible for branding and business development of our Group.

In his close to 17 years of start-up and operational experience of online marketing with our Group, Mr. V. Teo drove the development of our Group. He has been instrumental in growing key accounts, developing new services for our Group (such as social media marketing services and search engine optimisation), expanding our client base to new industries as well as building up our brand. Mr. V. Teo has led our management team to better align the digital marketing, web, sales, customer relations and administration & accounts departments to increase efficiency across the board.

Mr. V. Teo obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from the National University of Singapore in June 2005.

Mr. Lizhi Shi

Non-executive Director

Lizhi Shi joined Show times(Chongqing)Technology Co., LTD as Marketing VP in 2020. Responsible for the company's marketing promotion and market development, according to the goal of development by the board of directors, lay down phased implementation plan. Achieve the goal efficiently by presentation, online marketing, hype event etc.

Lizhi Shi has 20 years of working experience in marketing promotion, meanwhile, he also has more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Serviced more than hundreds of enterprise with coug of marketing. But also integrated and managed a marketing development team, which include more than tens of thousands of people. Especially, has unique opinion and superior ability in mobile internet and social operation.

From To Title Company Name Location Principal Business
Sep 1999 July 2003 - SICHUAN MINZU COLLEGE Sichuan Study
April 2012 March 2015 General manager OSELL Network Technology Information Co., Ltd - Network
March 2015 March 2018 General manager (legal person) Daoyi Culture (Shanghai) Media Co.,Ltd - Cultural Media
March 2018 April 2020 General manager (legal person) Sichuan Shenshibaihe Wine Co.,Ltd - Internet retail

Mr. Lee Shy Tsong

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Lee Shy Tsong("Mr. S.T. Lee") was appointed as an independent non-executive director on 3 June 2019. Mr. S.T. Lee is the chairman of the remuneration committee, and a member of the audit committee and the nomination committee. Mr. S.T. Lee has 22 years of experience in the legal industry and has extensive experience in intellectual property law and manages intellectual property portfolios worldwide. Mr. S.T. Lee joined Donaldson & Burkinshaw LLP in September 1996 as a lawyer and became a partner of the firm in January 1998.

Mr. S.T. Lee obtained a degree of Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) from the National University of Singapore in June 1993 and received a Kuok Foundation Study Award for his undergraduate studies at the said University from year 1989 to 1993. He was awarded an Advance Diploma in Computer Studies in December 2001. Mr. S.T. Lee was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in March 1994. Mr. S.T. Lee is also a registered Patent Agent in Singapore, a member of the Association of Singapore Patent Agents (ASPA) and a registered Trademark and Industrial Design Agent in Malaysia.

Ms. Zhang Hong

Independent Non-executive Director

Zhang Hong was born in 1967 with an MBA degree. In 2019, she joined star show (xiamen) Cultural creativity Co., Ltd. as the Chairman/Chief Operating Officer, responsible for strategic positioning, market development, market education and training, corporate culture empowerment, etc.. while deliver the company‘s cultural value,responsible for APP operation of live streaming and paying for knowledge online. Meet users to provide more accurate and more valuable network cultural resources.

Zhang Hong has more than 20 years of working experience in education sector. Zhang Hong has rich resources in the field of cultural communication. Understand development situation of platform’s paying for knowledge online in cultural industry, and has established profound friendship with cultural industry resources.

From To Title Company Name Principal Business
Feb-2000 July-2002 - Tongji University,Shanghai Study for an MBA
July-2002 May-2009 General Manager Satir Center(Shanghai)Culture Co.,Ltd Cultural Media
May-2009 Mar-2014 Chairman Of The Board Shanghai Jihong Education Information Consulting Co., LTD Education Consultation
Apr-2014 Mar-2019 General Manager Shanghai Life of Garden Network Culture Co.,Ltd Network Culture
Aug-2019 Present Chief Cultural Officer Star Show (xiamen) Cultural creativity Co., Ltd Cultural Media