Purpose and


  • To create value for small and medium enterprises customers through an effective, personalised and comprehensive digital strategy.
  • To strive to use its unique expertise, very own proprietary technologies, capabilities and experience to provide quality search engine marketing services, social media marketing services, creative and technology services as well as online e-commerce platform operation to its customers/clients and become one of the leading digital marketing services providers in Singapore, Malaysia and China.
  • To strive to offer more advanced and reliable products, and better services through continuous technical innovation to meet the needs of society and to bring people a better life.
  • To be the leader in the field of online marketing, including search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, web design and development, web hosting, as well as e-commerce and mobile video streaming services.
  • To take the lead in both market share and customer satisfaction for its main business services, and increase market share and become a key leader in other relevant fields.
  • To pursue continuous innovation to ensure products are highly technical and leading so as to provide better and more reliable services.
  • To continue to strengthen brand building, endeavor to enhance its brand awareness and reputation, and achieve the leading position.
  • To build a better society through innovation and sustainable growth.
  • To commit to long-term value creation for shareholders via sound and visionary leadership.
  • To pioneer a contemporary living culture through the delivery of bespoke products and services.
  • To deliver unique and intriguing customer experiences that cater to their needs.
  • To nurture a professional and intrapreneurial staff force with commitment and pride.
  • To care for our communities and new generation and respect our environment.


Our values underpin the Company's success and guide our actions in achieving continuous and sustainable growth. These values also reflect our culture which defines the qualities and behaviours of our people who help us make our purpose a reality.

Continuous growth/Sustainable development

  • We will continue to enhance, expand and diversify our services, and constantly provide better value to our customers.
  • Aspire to maintain long-term stability and growth in our shareholder value, enabling us to fulfil our commitments to stakeholders.
  • Strive for operational excellence and seek to continually improve.
  • Be forward-thinking. Embrace change, challenges, innovation and technology and seek for continuous improvement and growth.
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our business and for delivering on our commitments.

Care for Customers/Clients

  • Value long-term relationships with our customers/clients and work to earn their trust and support.
  • Focus on the customers/clients, value and perform our commitments to customers/clients, and meet and even exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Treat every customer/client with courtesy and respect.

One-Step Forward

  • Proactive in meeting changes of customers'/clients’ needs and always strive for continuous improvement.
  • Not reaching the expected, but exceeding it.
  • Challenge our ideas of what is possible in order to better meet the needs of our customers/clients. Think big and move fast.


  • Focus on originality in products and services.
  • Embrace innovation to optimise our operations and respond quickly to changing needs.
  • Always look for new knowledge and be ready to tolerate failure.
  • Value new perspectives, collaboration and taking calculated risks for breakthrough improvements.

Developing Our People

  • We believe that staff development will help to promote our overall efficiency and employee loyalty and retention. Employees are required to attend trainings to keep them abreast of the latest industry trend and product information. We also organise annual offsite team-building events and weekly social gatherings for our staff to cultivate a sense of belonging and to foster stronger relationship among various team members.
  • Regard our people as our greatest asset and provide the opportunity to our employee to realise their potential.
  • Focus on employees collaboration, learning and growth, teamwork and maintaining a harmonious workplace.
  • Aim at creating mentality of helping and supporting each other via positive leadership and mentoring.

Health and Safety

  • Committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers/clients, contractors and stakeholder of our community.
  • Aims to conduct our business in a safe and socially responsible manner through an effective management of occupational health and safety to achieve no work-related injury.

Mutual Respect and Integrity

  • Strive for working internally and externally in the environment based on trust, collaboration and respect.
  • Respect our customers, partners, shareholders, employees, co-workers and stakeholders. We respect each other’s time and opinion.
  • Integrity is the foundation for everything the Company do. Our employees are admired and respected for our commitment to honesty, trust and transparency.


  • Embeds the importance of compliance of rules and regulations.
  • Be a law-abiding company. We care about how results are achieved, not just that they are achieved.

Diversity and Equality

  • Employ a skilled workforce of the regions in which we operate and to create a positive, supportive and inclusive culture.

Caring for our Environment/Communities

  • The Group is highly aware of the importance of environment protection. The Group has implemented environmental protection measures and has also encouraged staff to be environmental friendly at work by consuming the electricity and paper according to actual needs, so as to reduce energy consumption and minimise unnecessary waste.
  • Grow with protecting and caring our communities/environment for generations to come.
  • Dedicated to make a substantial contribution to environmental protection/communities by supporting sustainable development.
  • Be a good corporate citizen.


  • Take an international perspective
  • Benchmark with international standards and practices


The Company aims to achieve its purpose and values through the following strategies:

  • To consider merger and acquisitions including seeking strategic acquisition, joint venture establishment and business partnership to enhance our market share.
  • To build partnerships and collaboration to create value.
  • To make sure management’s decisions and actions do not clash with our stated values.
  • To manage and balance the risks and opportunities of our business responsibly.
  • To upgrade the Company’s facilities /use advanced technology/ consider transformation projects in order to enhance the Company’s competitiveness/ improve productivity/achieve organic growth/comply with the ongoing changes of rules and regulations.
  • To identify, develop and apply emerging technologies and innovative business approaches for long-term business growth.
  • To foster open, two-way communication, encourage participation and discussing issues and concerns raised by anyone.
  • To maintain an effective dialogue with our stakeholders and being responsive to their needs.
  • To conduct general training program for all employees on the code of conduct (if any), the principles and values that govern the Company.
  • To communicate with all employees on the Company’s culture, purposes and values by having regular culture-related newsletters, E-learning platforms, screensavers, dedicated webpages in intranet, CEO message to all staff, sharings / trainings by external speakers, etc.
  • To conduct town halls led by CEO, who ensure our management team and staff are kept abreast of the Group’s performance, strategic developments and culture.
  • To build trust with employees by being transparent. Management to keep team members informed and provide them with regular updates on the Company’s strategy and development through hosting town halls/regular meetings, publishing newsletters, etc.
  • To build positive spirit with which our employees support each other for an open, honest and meaningful relationships.
  • To encourage growth, leadership development and top-down collaboration by mentorship programs, regular goal-setting and evaluation.
  • To encourage leaders to take on new challenges and gives them courage to reach beyond their comfort zone to try innovative and unconventional ideas. We view honest failure as a learning opportunity for the future.
  • Leaders to demonstrate to team members that their involvement is critical. To invite team members to share their thoughts and give positive feedback.
  • To promote the continuous professional development of our staff and support them in their pursuit of professional qualifications
  • To organises various activities for staff members such as health talk, barbecues and local trips to arts and crafts workshops to ensure work-life balance
  • To organise fun team-building events to encourage positive workplace atmosphere.
  • To ensure employees are clear on his/her goals and career pathing. Talents are incentivized through compensation package and recognition.
  • To have a clear and comprehensive remuneration and performance management supports and drives the desired behaviours and culture, and motivates employees to act in the interest of the greater good of the Company.
  • To gather the opinions of staff members through regular conversations including regular meetings and appraisals and to conduct employee surveys periodically
  • To conduct exit interview with the leaving staff to gain visibility and insight into company problems and barriers.
  • To provide safe, healthy and secure work environments, free of discrimination or harassment, with fair working hours, fair rewards and fair management.
  • To provide trainings to employees in respect of their responsibilities and duties for carrying out the work safely.
  • To embed health and safety in the design, planning and conduct of our business activities.
  • To conduct regular safety inspection to ensure our employees follow health and safety procedures and instructions
  • To conduct induction to new joiners to ensure they understand and will comply with the Company’s policies/code of conduct/and the relevant rules and regulations.
  • To have anti-corruption policy, whistleblowing policy and process in place for employees to raise concerns on any misconduct or misalignment identified.
  • To have mechanism for reporting of incidents of breaches of company policies, code of conduct and regulatory breaches.
  • To have established procedures and policies to ensure that there are no instances of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, family situation, religion, language, political beliefs, sexual orientation, pregnancy, maternity, paternity or disability. Any reports of discrimination or harassment are investigated and managed.
  • To make corporate volunteerism and commit corporate social responsibility program.
  • To reduce the amount of waste we generate and set up recycling facilities in our offices to encourage waste separation.
  • To promote a positive reputation/branding by use of company website/social meda/accolades (such as Caring Company, ISO)/awards.


The Company’s board of directors will conduct regular reviews to ensure that the Company’s culture is aligned with the Company's purposes, values and strategies, is able to deliver long term sustainable growth, and that all employees in the Company and its subsidiaries understand the core values of the Company's culture.

The board of directors may take into account of, including but not limiting to, the following when conducting the regular review and evaluation of the Company culture:

  • review the Company’s decisions and actions to assess whether they are consistent with the desired culture.
  • disclosures by whistleblowers and by leaving staff during exit interview.
  • undertake staffs and stakeholders engagements.
  • information collected from employee surveys, client/customer satisfaction surveys, internal audit findings, etc.
  • quantitative data such as customers’/clients’ complaint, staff turnover rate/attrition rate, rate of incident reporting on code of conduct/regulatory breaches for potential areas of concerns.